Before, During & After the Cleanse

64 oz Organic Lemonade

A refreshing, all natural alternative to fresh squeezed lemons. Have this already prepared beverage on hand to take on the go or when in need of a pick me up.

1.32 oz Pouch Organic Cinnamon Powder

A great tasting, powerful antioxidant, cinnamon is also a weight loss aid, anti-microbrial substance, and can help control blood sugar levels. Enchance the taste of your drink and benefit your system.

Retail Price: $9.99
Our Price: $8.99

Retail Price: $5.99
Our Price: $4.99


Green Tea Herbal Lozenge w/Echinacea

These herbal lozenges are free from simple or refined sugars, including sucrose or cane sugar. Includes 15 individually wrapped lozenges.

Acidophilus Dietary Supplement

"Acidophilus Culture" is the natural inhabitant of the human intestine. L.acidophilus contains beneficial cultures effective for rapidly establishing a veritable army of friendly bacteria in the intestines.

Retail Price: $4.99
Our Price: $3.99

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $13.99


Bentonite Detox - 16 oz

Bentonite provides strong detoxification in the digestive tract, with the ability to bind herbicides, viruses and other potentially harmful substances by adsorbent action in the stomach, small intestine, and colon.

Psyllium Husk Powder - 12 oz

Psyllium seed husk is an excellent, low caloric source of soluble dietary fiber and wonderful at aiding digestion.

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Our Price: $12.99

Retail Price: $8.99
Our Price: $7.98


Cascara Sagrada Capsules - 450 mg

Casgara Sagrada is an all-natural laxative designed for the relief of occasional constipation. It helps to promote regularity and contains no harsh synthetics, so you can be assured of gentle, yet efficient, relief.

Spirulina Powder - 100 Tabs

Spirulina is the richest source of protein discovered to-date, and the protein content includes all 22 essential Amino acids. Spirulina may also aid in reducing the appetite in people who wish to control calorie intake, while simultaneously supplying vital nutrients that may be limited in a weight reduction diet.

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90 Capsules - Diuretic 1

Diuretic is recommended for anyone concerned about fluid retention. These specific herbs are accompanied by Potassium to ensure the body is not depleted of this essential nutrient.

100 Herbal Senna Leaves Capsules

Senna Leaves are a laxative and used for relief of constipation. Senna Leaves generally produce bowel movements in 6 to 12 hours. Senna leaves contain a guaranteed natural potency of 10 mg.

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Our Price: $5.98

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