Your website gave me all of the facts about the Master Cleanse Diet that I needed to know before I started, and the instructions sent with my order were very helpful. It was so easy to just get the complete kit in the mail and start the diet right away with no hassles! I'm happy to report, I feel like a completely different person now and have lost 8 lbs on the diet! Thanks!!

-Megan D., Utah

I really didn't go into this expecting to lose a ton of weight. Like a lot of people, I hate to admit that I don't always eat health consciously because of my busy work schedule and raising two kids, and I felt ilke I wanted a fresh start. I just finished cleansing last week and I cannot begin to describe how amazing I feel! I have TONS of energy and feel like I did in my 20s. It also helped me rid myself of certain junk food cravings (I had a huuuge sweet tooth). I haven't craved any sweets since I finished cleansing! The information supplied on the lemonade site made it so easy to start the cleanse and the convenience of ordering everything I needed online below retail cost was absolutely great! Oh -- and a plus is I lost 11 lbs of body fat in 10 days!

-Carol G., New York

I've wanted to go on the Master Cleanse diet for awhile now, but I live in a tiny suburb and it's really hard to find all of the stuff I need. Finding this site was a blessing! I didn't have to go hunting for stuff across town and was able to start the diet in less than a week when my kit arrived. It's now 7 days in to the diet and since I got over the 3 day hump, I feel awesome, I have no hunger pains and barely even think about food! I'll definitely recommend your site to my friends! Feel free to add this to your lemonade diet reviews page!

- Teresa F., Alabama

I went to 3 stores and couldn't find grade B maple syrup. I googled the master cleanse and found your site and it was nice to find out that you not only sold it but everything else I needed too. Thanks for the help.. so happy I found your site.

-Alex T., Florida

This is my second time on the Lemonade Diet. The first time I tried it I had trouble finding half of the ingredients on my list. I ended up going to four or five different stores. This time I ordered from your website and it was so much easier. I think I even spent less. I got the products in the mail in a few days. I've lost 13 pounds this time thanks to you!

-Terry B., Nevada

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