How to Do the Master Cleanse

I'm confused. Is this a diet or a detox?

It is considered to be both. The Master Cleanse Diet has incredibly beneficial detoxification properties, and can extensively aid in weight loss. Lemons have unsurpassed natural cleansing and antimicrobrial benefits, and cayenne pepper is considered by some to be the most powerful herb in the world. Cayenne's amazing antifungal and circulation properties help to equalize blood flow and rid the body of toxic waste. Cayenne pepper has also been professed by many as a miracle herb, being credited with saving heart attack victims lives.

The Lemonade Diet has, indeed, been proclaimed as a miraculous diet; being endorsed as a fast, effective, and safe method of shedding excess weight by numerous celebrities and thousands of people each year for over 40 years.

How should I expect to feel the first few days of the cleanse?

It is hard to predict how you will feel as each person reacts to the initial start up period differently. However, mild fatique and headaches have been commonly reported. This is because built up toxins are being circulated into your bloodstream as you finish the first stage of the cleanse. By day four, people generally report a boost of energy, loss of cravings, and overall healthier well-being as years of lodged poisons are being expelled.

How much weight should I expect to lose?

You can expect to lose 2-3 lbs consecutively for the first two days. This is not only toxic body fat, but excess water weight that your body has been storing. After this initial period, you can expect to shed an average of one pound per day.

How often should I drink the laxative tea?

You should drink one cup of laxative tea every morning and evening. This is a vital component of the cleanse as it is necessary to expel the toxins that are being released into your system.

When should I drink the SWF, and how much should I drink? (Salt Water Flush)

The Salt Water Flush should be taken on an empty stomach, preferably in the early morning before any lemonade has been consumed as to thoroughly flush out the digestive tract. The MCB states that 1 teaspoon of uniodized salt should be mixed into 1 liter of water and consumed as quickly as possible. Bowel movements should follow within 30-60 minutes. Adjust salt as necessary.

How many bowel movements should I be having daily?

Normally, 2-3 bowel movements a day are common on this cleanse.

Will I feel hunger pains during the diet?

As long as you consume the lemonade mixture in regular intervals (atleast 6 cups and up to 12 per day) you should not feel any hunger pains. The lemonade mixture contains all of the vital nutrients & calories that your body will need to sustain itself. If you are feeling especially hungry, maple syrup can be slightly increased. Keeping a lemonade thermostat with you during the day and sipping regularly will help ensure that your hunger is eliminated.

What supplements can I take during the cleanse?

The only supplements that are recommended to be taken during the cleanse are herbal Bentonite & Psyllium Seeds (to help with bowel excretion, when necessary). Natural gum has been used to help suppress cravings, and organic green/mint teas for a special treat.

How many days should I do the Master Cleanse?

It is recommended to cleanse for a period of atleast 10 days to acheive the maximum results/benefits that this cleanse has to offer. Some have cleansed for a period of up to 40 days, but this should not be done without extensive knowledge, experience, and consent from your health care professional.

I am hypoglycemic. Can I do the cleanse?

Yes. Blackstrap molasses is recommended. If you make sure to regulate your intake of the lemonade mixture (atleast one glass every two hours), you should not have an issue with this diet. Many hypoglycemics have done this diet successfully and most even feel that their sugar levels are more stable AFTER the cleanse. Find out how to do the master cleanse with hypoglycemia here.

I am diabetic II/prediabetic. Am I able to do this cleanse?

Yes. Burroughs, the founder of the Master Cleanse Diet, recommends diabetics use blackstrap molassess or agave syrup as an alternative to maple syrup due to the higher glucose content in maple syrup. Both molasses and agave have a low glycemic index. This means the glucose and carbohydrates are metabolized slowly, demanding less insulin production and stabilizing blood sugar. Burroughs claims that the lemonade diet can & has actually reversed the symptoms of diabetes in some cases. Find out how to do the master cleanse with diabetes here.

Why do I need to use Grade B syrup?

Grade A syrup goes through a refinement process that severely depletes the vitamins and nutrients in the syrup. Grade B syrup goes through a different refinement process that does not eliminate these vital vitamins and nutrients. We carry only the finest Grade B syrups in our online store for your convenience.

I do not like the taste of Cayenne Pepper. What can I do?

Cayenne capsules are a great alternative to powder. Many people do not enjoy adding this pepper to their drink and see the same benefits in taking 3-4 100mg capsules per day. They are available in our online store along with the Cayenne tincture (an easier way to measure on the go).

What type of water should I use for my lemonade?

Only purified or spring water can be used on this cleanse. Absolutely, no tap water!

When should I start the cleanse?

When you are prepared mentally. It does not matter if you begin the regimen in the afternoon, after a meal. It IS, however, recommended that you begin adjusting to a lighter, mostly raw vegetable & fruit diet a few days before the cleanse.

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