Master Cleanse Success Stories from Ordinary People

July 22nd, 2016

There are many celebrities who claim the lemonade diet does wonders for their health & physique. What about ordinary people?

A proponent named Charlie Griefer did the lemonade cleanse for an impressive run of 30 days and lost a total of 30 pounds!

Read about Charlie Griefer – 30 Pound Weight Loss

Another amazing success story is that of Chioma Okoli. She dropped from 166 pounds to 137 in her 40 day journey. The before and after pictures are astonishing.

master cleanse weight loss

Chioma Master Cleanse Journey

This story is about a woman who suffered from a painful colon disorder called diverticulitis. Not only does she state that it helped clear up this issue that had been persistently causing gastrointestinal distress for 9 years, it also boosted her energy levels and helped her shed over 20 pounds in 10 days.

Stephanie’s Master Cleanse Experience

We wonder how many other normal, everyday people the lemon cleanse has affected in different ways. One riveting story was from a lady who has a more exotic job description than most do. She did not ever think she would be in the Las Vegas strippers career field. Her new outlook and positive bodily image has created an opportunity she claims to love.

She was quoted as stating, “I always had a negative bodily image growing up, as my sisters were thin, and I was referred to as the chubby one.” Although, some people may frown upon her occupation, she is content in feeling sexy in her own skin. She now works as a private dancer after shedding 25+ pounds on the master cleanse. She prefers that her before and after photos not be shown.

Other dramatic weight loss success stories can be found on youtube.

16 day weight loss master cleanse. From 178 pounds to 128 pounds!

We look forward to hearing about more success stories.

Master Cleanse Diet Tips

November 16th, 2012

A majority of master cleanse diet advocates agree that this detoxification diet is not for the weak-willed individual. Even for the very determined person, the lemonade diet can have it’s moments of difficulty. However, when all is said and done, the lemon diet may be one of the best things you can do for your own health & well-being.

Many of us adhere to a less than wonderful diet regimen, and we are not fully cognizant of what goes into our bodies. Fast food, junk foods, artificial chemicals, alcohol, tobacco, and other unhealthy vices abound. These bad habits have become a normal part of life for a great deal of society.

For those who have gotten this far and still are determined to move forward, read on. Below we will share with you 10 master cleanse diet tips that will help you succeed with your cleansing.

1. Stick to A Daily Routine – It’s important when cleansing to be stringent, and not only about your diet program. Following a daily routine will help you maintain self-discipline. This includes waking up at a specific hour and going to bed around the same time each evening. It may seem redundant, but this will help the whole process in the long haul.

2. Get Enough Rest – There is little else as crucial as “sleeping well” while detoxing. A good night’s rest not only helps rejuvenate the body & mind and gives the immune system a jump-start, but it also keeps you from feeling fatigued the next day. Many people quit the master cleanse early complaining exhaustion was the reason they threw the towel in — especially in the beginning. For approximately the first 1-3 days of the cleanse, the body is getting used to absorbing nutrients in liquid form, as well as, eradicating toxins. It is normal to feel slightly tired. Maintaining adequate rest at night (preferably a full 8 hours or more) will aid in keeping this at a minimum. Most people exclaim that they are full of energy & life after “The First Phase of Cleansing or Day 3″ concludes.

3. Participate in Activities – It is important to stay occupied while cleansing so you do not deter from the regimen. This does not mean go to the gym and participate in a heavy work out session. Non-strenuous exercise, going for a walk, chatting with a friend, performing sports, reading, writing, meditation, yoga, or watching a movie are some great options.

4. Keep Enough Lemonade Available – Another reason many people opt out of the lemonade diet early is because they did not prepare enough of the lemonade diet beverage in advance. Making a daily 8-12 servings before embarking on your day is suggested for those with a busy lifestyle. Keeping a full sports bottle container by your side throughout the day is strongly advised. You should sip on this regularly. In case you forget to drink enough, a spoonful of syrup can help tide you over.

5. Stay Hydrated – This is of great significance to the detoxification process. The goal of the master cleanse is to eliminate as many toxins as possible, which have for years accumulated in the body’s organs. When you are dehydrated, it is hard for your body to release this build-up through the urine, colon, and bloodstream. This is also one of the main reasons that people commonly succumb to having headaches and fatigue. Toxins cannot be dispelled of without adequate hydration. On account of this, oftentimes cleansers feel as though it’s necessary to quit early.

6. Join a Support Group / Cleanse with a Friend or Family Member – Having people around you who know exactly what you are going through can help immensely to stay motivated. For those who can’t find a friend or family member to join them on this journey, there are many master cleanse support groups online. You can share your good experiences, as well as, your not-so-good ones, and gain support from those who can relate. This can be exactly what you need to keep you moving onwards for the full duration of the cleanse.

7. Don’t Keep ‘Cheat Food’ in the Kitchen – Get rid of that stash of Chocolate Chip cookies before starting the master cleanse diet. Nothing makes it harder to stay on the right track than having the constant temptation of junk food luring you in. Do your best to clean out the kitchen and toss away/give away these cheater foods before starting any detox program.

8. Avoid Temptation Hang Outs – Some may disagree, and feel as though they are capable & strong-willed enough to do this. However, hanging out with friends at bars, restaurants, or at parties while doing the master cleanse diet can be detrimental to finishing. Keep in mind that by visiting places where food and alcohol are present, this will only provoke you. Once you break the cleanse prematurely you will only have regrets. You may also be in pain, since a cleanse should be gradually eased out of, not impulsively broken. The digestive tract requires time to adjust to solid food after a liquid fast.

9. Start the Cleansing Process on the Right Day – Make sure that you start the master cleanse diet on a day that works best for you and your schedule. Some people prefer to start the cleanse on a Friday — assuming they work on Monday, so they have several days to stay at home making the transition period easier and less stressful. Others prefer to begin the diet on a day when they work because it keeps them preoccupied and they think about food less. Remember, the first few days can often be the biggest challenge, so finding the right day to begin is crucial.

10. Blog or Keep a Journal – Writing about your daily feelings while cleansing can aid in releasing pent up emotions. During a cleansing ritual, people can be prone to feeling things on a deeper level. It is also very helpful to write / blog in order to keep track of your progress. Each day you stick to the diet is another positive achievement you can mark down. You can keep track of your weight this way, as well, and divulge the changes your body is going through. This will enable you to look back on it after full completion of the cleanse. Many people are surprised at the courage and willpower that they have maintained by achieving their master cleanse resolution! It goes to show that most of us are stronger than we think.

For more information on this diet, Check Out the Master Cleanse Diet Site

To receive full recipe instructions, Read the Complete Master Cleanse Diet Recipe

Kanye Asks Kim Kardashian to Do Master Cleanse Diet

September 27th, 2012

According to a source that leaked information to OK! Magazine, Kanye West has asked his curvaceous beau, Kim Kardashian, to do the master cleanse diet. Many people who have heard this news have retorted angrily that Kanye is out of line and Kim is perfect the way she is.

kim kardashian master cleanse

The reason behind his request, the source divulged to OK!, is not that he doesn’t like her voluptuous physique, but that he wants her to be the new face of his clothing line. In order to do this, however, Kim will need to fit into the clothes.

The source reveals that Kanye West who is a long-time friend of Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z, believes Beyonce and Kim share a similar body type. Kanye explained that the master cleanse diet already demonstrated it worked for Beyonce — to get her into supermodel shape for her role in Dreamgirls. He suggested that Kim lose 20 pounds on the lemonade diet, too.

Although, many disapprove of Kanye’s request and believe that it is an attempt to control Kim, there has not been any information in regards to how she actually feels about it. Could it be that she wanted to find an effective way to lose weight & model his clothing line, and he offered her a way to accomplish it?

In any case, no one should ever feel as though they need to modify their appearance unless it is something that they feel is truly beneficial for them. It should always be a personal decision.

The master cleanse aka lemonade diet is a detoxification diet that should be researched, prepared for, and done for the right reasons.

The Original, Liquid Master Cleanse Diet

August 13th, 2012

There are many terms which have been used to coin the master cleanse diet since it’s conception in 1941. The lemonade diet, lemonade cleanse, and maple syrup diet…to name a few. However, there is only one master cleanse diet recipe.

master cleanse diet

Invented by founder Stanley Burroughs, & created to treat ulcers and rid the body of toxins, the master cleanse diet has not faded out of culture over the course of 60+ years — it has only grown more popular; it has developed a larger public fan base and has gained more recognition and avid support from numerous dietitians and celebrities alike…because it has been time-proven to work! People all across the world have given the healthful master cleanse diet credit for their regained wellness and weight loss.


There’s a simple master cleanse diet recipe to follow; although, a strict one. There has been some talk of a “new, improved” version of this diet. It is important to note that you cannot expect to obtain the same favorable benefits by using these methods — which are complete body detoxification & weight loss reduction. The original Master Cleanser book outlines the diet as a liquid only regimen where solid foods are not allowed.

Stanley Burroughs, creator of the lemonade diet, writes the following statement in the original Master Cleanser book.

Take from six to twelve glasses of the lemonade daily during the waking period. As you get hungry just have another glass of lemonade. NO OTHER FOOD SHOULD BE TAKEN DURING THE FULL PERIOD OF THE DIET. As this is a complete balance of minerals and vitamins, one does not suffer the pangs of hunger. Do not use vitamin pills.

The liquid master cleanse diet was meant to give the digestive tract a break from solid foods, eliminate hardened waste that has been stuck in the colon, cleanse the kidneys, burn stubborn fat deposits, and rid cravings associated with junk foods, drugs, & alcohol.

Six to twelve lemonade diet beverages are to be consumed daily. The original master cleanse diet includes the following recipe guidelines and ingredients.

One serving of the Master Cleanse Recipe, includes:

1/2 of a Squeezed Lemon

1-2 Tbsp of Organic, Grade B Maple Syrup
10 oz Purified Water

1/10 tsp of Cayenne Pepper

This recipe is used along with a salt water flush in the morning and an herbal laxative tea at night to help eliminate waste that has been lingering in the digestive tract.

For full master cleanse recipe instructions, please visit -

The Cayenne Pepper Diet

July 6th, 2011

Although commonly referred to as the lemonade diet or master cleanse, the cayenne pepper diet is another term gaining popularity among the master cleanse community.

Cayenne pepper derived from the capsicum plant is an extremely beneficial component of the lemonade cleanse. A natural cardiovascular stimulant, cayenne pepper enhances blood circulation thus greatly aiding in blood detoxification while on the cayenne pepper diet.

cayenne pepper diet

A popular ayurvedic medicinal herb for thousands of years, cayenne pepper has been prized for having super natural healing powers. Ancient folklore credits cayenne with healing everything from allergies, abscesses, kidney problems, psoriasis, and even reversing the onset of heart attack symptoms.

Cayenne pepper can be used in several different condensed forms, including cayenne pepper pills, cayenne capsules, cayenne liquid extract, and cayenne pepper powder.

cayenne diet  cayenne pepper cleanse  cayenne pepper pill

These condensed versions of cayenne are great for use in the cayenne pepper cleanse. Some dieters are not fond of the taste of cayenne pepper or cannot tolerate the heat associated with the taste of cayenne, so they opt for consuming the cayenne pepper pill while doing the cayenne pepper cleanse.

For more information on how many cayenne pills to take while on the cayenne pepper diet, check out Cayenne Pepper Pills & The Master Cleanse.