The Beyonce Diet Recipe

September 15th, 2010

The Master Cleanse is commonly called the “Beyonce Diet” because of Beyonce’s successful weight loss while following the diet in preparation for her role in “Dreamgirls”.

She announced on the Oprah Winfrey show that she had shed 20 pounds with the aid of the Lemonade Diet.

The Beyonce diet or Master Cleanse is a 7-10 day lemonade detox diet that includes Cayenne Pepper, Grade B Maple Syrup, & Lemons mixed with 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. It is also very important to use an uniodized sea salt water flush and herbal laxative tea in conjunction with the lemonade mixture daily, as this will help with eliminating toxins from your body.

beyonce diet

Preparing for the Beyonce Diet

You will need the following items to complete the full 7 to 10 days on the lemonade diet:

  • 64 oz Grade B Maple Syrup
  • 1 oz of Cayenne Pepper
  • 28-40 Lemons
  • 1 lb of UNIODIZED Sea Salt
  • Herbal Laxative Tea
  • 32 oz Sports Bottle
  • 1 Tablespoon Measure
  • 1/8 Teaspoon Measure
  • Cutting Board
  • Sharp knife

Diabetics can substitute Grade B Maple Syrup for Agave or Molasses. Also, Cayenne pepper pills can be used instead of powder for the lemonade diet.

Beyonce Diet Recipe & Ingredients

Beyonce Diet – 1 Serving

  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1-2 tbsp of Grade B Maple Syrup
  • At least 1/10 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 8-10 oz of purified water

Beyonce Diet – Average Day Mixture – 8 Servings

  • 4 lemons
  • 8-16 tbsp of Grade B Maple Syrup
  • 1-2 tsp of cayenne pepper
  • 2 Liters of purified water

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Cayenne Pepper Capsules & The Master Cleanse

September 13th, 2010

When doing the Master Cleanse Diet or Cayenne Pepper Diet, many cleansers commonly ask the same question. Is it alright to substitute cayenne powder for cayenne pills and, if so, how many cayenne capsules/pills should I take?

The short answer is, “Yes, it is ok.” It is the same substance in a different form. Your body will digest the cayenne spice the same way, whether it is in powder or pill form. You are receiving the same amount of nutrients that you would be if you were using the powdered cayenne in your Lemonade Diet.

As for how many cayenne pepper pills or cayenne capsules you should use when doing the Master Cleanse Cayenne Pepper Diet, below is an estimated conversion.

Understand, milligrams -mg listed on your cayenne pill bottle- describe a unit of weight, whereas teaspoons -or tsp- represent a unit of capacity / volume, so the density of the substance is important when converting a substance from milligram to teaspoon.

For instance, unrefined sugar = approx 4.2 grams (4200 mg) per teaspoon, and water = approx 5 grams (5000 mg) per teaspoon.

However, cayenne powder is much lighter than either of these substances. 1 average tsp of cayenne powder is the equivalent of 2000 milligrams.

The Lemonade Diet recipe calls for 1/10 tsp cayenne per serving, so 1/10 x 2000 mg = approx 200mg a serving.

This equals about half of a 500mg cayenne capsules per glass or one 500 mg cayenne pepper capsule every other glass.

In conclusion, 4 Cayenne Pills a Day are recommended for the Lemonade Diet.

You can take more or less depending upon your preference… up to 8 – 500mg cayenne pills a day can be used.

Agave and Molasses in the Master Cleanse

August 25th, 2010

In most cases, Grade B Organic Maple Syrup is recommended for use with the Master Cleanse; however, Stanley Burroughs, the creator of the master cleanse diet, advises that Blackstrap Molasses be used in the event the cleanser has hyperglycemia or diabetes. Agave nectar is also commonly substituted by some, in such cases, as it boasts a low glycemic index.

Agave and Molasses are low on the glycemic index. That means the glucose and carbohydrates in these syrups are metabolized slowly, demanding less insulin production and stabilizing blood sugar.

agave master cleanse

A sweet syrup derived from Mexico’s Blue Agave plant, Agave nectar is an all-natural, low-glycemic sweetener that is also very tasty. Many compare it’s flavor to that of honey. Unlike many other syrups and artificial sweeteners, agave syrup ranks very low on the glycemic index and is not known to spike blood sugar levels.


Molasses is a byproduct of sugar cane or sugar beats. You are probably familiar with molasses, as it is a common syrup used in baking recipes and beverages such as rum. In the days before white refined table sugar became a predominant household sweetener, molasses syrup was a primary sweetener found in most kitchens across the world.

(Only organic, chemical-free syrup is suggested to be used in conjunction with the master cleanse.)




* 1/2 lemon or 2 tbsp of lemon juice
* 1-2 tbsp of pure Agave/Molasses (1tbsp recommended for weight loss)
* 1/10 tsp cayenne pepper (red) or to taste
* 8 oz of purified water



* 4 lemons
* 8-16 tbsp of Agave/Molasses
* 1-2 tsp of cayenne pepper
* 2 Liters of purified water


For more information on doing the Master Cleanse with diabetes or hypoglycemia, click here:

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Maple Syrup & Alternatives

Always consult with your medical practitioner before embarking on any cleansing regimen. The information given here should not be replaced for medical advice.

Celebrity Couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Do the Lemonade Diet

July 15th, 2010

The couple that cleanses together, stays together.

That may be up for debate, but celebrity duo Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore are giving it a go. A very youthful and attractive Demi Moore, now 47, announced on July 11 via Twitter that her and her husband were doing the Lemonade Diet together.

ashton lemonade diet

Demi commented that going on the Master Cleanse diet was not about losing weight or altering appearance, but rather… ‘this is about health!!!’.

“2nd day of master cleanse and off to hike with hubby and the dogs. 2nd day better than the 1st!”, Demi disclosed.

Apparently, dieting did not prevent the actress from continuing her daily activities. As many Master Cleanse dieters agree, the lemonade cleanse provides them with more energy and vitality to carry out the tasks of the day.

What Can I Eat On The Lemonade Diet?

March 30th, 2010

Can I Eat While On the Lemonade Diet?

You cannot eat solid foods while on the lemonade diet.

The lemonade diet is a detox diet that is used to give the digestive system a break from processing solid foods. In order to completely flush out the digestive tract, a liquid diet is required.

Can I Eat Fruit While on the Master Cleanse Diet?

Lemons are the only fruit that are allowed to be consumed while on the Lemonade Diet. They should not be eaten in solid form. Pulp and flesh from the fruit would be ingested this way (requiring the digestive system to metabolize these solid foods) and would impede the detoxification process.

Lemons, cayenne pepper, organic grade b maple syrup, as well as laxative tea and a salt water flush daily is all that is recommended while doing the Lemonade Diet. Grade B Maple Syrup can be substituted with Molasses and/or Agave Nectar in certain cases; for instance, for diabetics who would like to do the master cleanse – as Molasses & Agave Nectar are low on the glycemic index. For more information, browse through our website:

The lemonade diet allows the dieter to drink peppermint tea while on the cleanse. Mint tea is known for it’s purification properties and helps support the detoxification process during cleansing. No other supplements should be consumed.