Master Cleanse Success Stories from Ordinary People

There are many celebrities who claim the lemonade diet does wonders for their health & physique. What about ordinary people?

A proponent named Charlie Griefer did the lemonade cleanse for an impressive run of 30 days and lost a total of 30 pounds!

Read about Charlie Griefer – 30 Pound Weight Loss

Another amazing success story is that of Chioma Okoli. She dropped from 166 pounds to 137 in her 40 day journey. The before and after pictures are astonishing.

master cleanse weight loss

Chioma Master Cleanse Journey

This story is about a woman who suffered from a painful colon disorder called diverticulitis. Not only does she state that it helped clear up this issue that had been persistently causing gastrointestinal distress for 9 years, it also boosted her energy levels and helped her shed over 20 pounds in 10 days.

Stephanie’s Master Cleanse Experience

We wonder how many other normal, everyday people the lemon cleanse has affected in different ways. One riveting story was from a lady who has a more exotic job description than most do. She did not ever think she would be in the Las Vegas strippers career field. Her new outlook and positive bodily image has created an opportunity she claims to love.

She was quoted as stating, “I always had a negative bodily image growing up, as my sisters were thin, and I was referred to as the chubby one.” Although, some people may frown upon her occupation, she is content in feeling sexy in her own skin. She now works as a private dancer after shedding 25+ pounds on the master cleanse. She prefers that her before and after photos not be shown.

Other dramatic weight loss success stories can be found on youtube.

16 day weight loss master cleanse. From 178 pounds to 128 pounds!

We look forward to hearing about more success stories.

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